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Structural Integration is about appropriate relationships. The body naturally compensates for all of life's experiences.  This is called Body Intelligence. The work of the ten sessions assists in getting all the systems of the body to communicate harmoniously with one another, once again. The weight of the body is "held up" by the skeletal structure. The opposing force of gravity is related to the upright nature of man.  

With applied pressure, movement and breathing, the body can be re-organized and re-structured around what we call "The Line of the Spine."  We are looking to re-align the "stack of blocks." The body is a miniature universe.  This work is for those who are seeking change, want release of creative potential, are seeking relief from a contracted state, and would like to create some order in life.


The first three sessions work through the superficial layers of the body. 

Session 1 focuses on creating a "breathing" thorax by loosening the rib cage. The "sleeves" of the legs and arms are freed. First layer of back work is completed. 

Session 2 is for laying a "good and stable foundation" for the whole body structure.  Work is concentrated on the area from the feet to the knees. Clients report "feeling grounded," "solid," "more upright."

Session 3 opens the sidelines of the body from the top of the head to the toes.  Back work and pelvic work are also a focus in Sessions 1 and 3.

We then move to the next "layers" of the body by opening the "inner line."

Sessions 4, 5, and 6 need to be done pretty much in succession because of the internal workings of the inner legs, abdomen, and pelvis.  

Session 4 concentrates on the inner thigh of the legs which have deep connections to the abdomen, pelvis and spine.  

Session 5 is "swimming" through the layers of the abdominal cavity - superficial to deep. The entire "ocean" is covered. Expansion is made throughout the abdominal cavity.  Release within the abdomen also realeases the back, pelvis and up

Session 6 focuses on the back side of the legs and pelvic girdle with emphasis placed on creating a "breathing sacrum."  Loosening of the pelvis in these three sessions helps to free the "seat of the soul" trapped by blocked energy which has not been circulating.

Session 7 releases the head and neck and aligns and balances the shoulder girdle with the pelvic girdle.  All parts of the body now become centered around the "core" line of the spine.  This session is generally where most people feel like the light bulb turns on!

Session 8 and 9 are "the balancing sessions."  A simple test is administered to evaluate where work is needed first - the upper or the lower.  

Whichever one comes first, is Session 8and the latter, Session 9.  

Session 10 is the integration of the whole being through final balancing.

The basic 10 series provides a new path towards total integration of mind/body/spirit. The work is a facilitator for releasing old patterns of thinking and doing, and a way to start relating with the world differently.

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