Physical Awareness

Physical awareness. How much do we really know? We are with these bodies 24 hours a day. I am always amazed as a nurse, how little people really do know about their bodies. They have no clue how it functions. Totally unaware of all the intricacies of the various systems which make up the body. The mind/body disconnect is so apparent.

Most humans it would seem, are only concerned about taking care of the animal aspect part of the body - food, clothing, shelter, sleep, sex, etc. It would seem that we are just using "these containers" (the body) to do this and that, go here or there, but, what is beyond all that?

Since the development of the industrial revolution, humans have learned to function by the clock, deadlines, quotas, etc. Life has become a series of daily automatic routines, mechanical movements and technological gestures done over and over. Are we really aware we are living life like this? Not really. What we do is so automatic and learned from the time that we are little, that we do not even "stop to consider" just what it is we are doing.

Thinking and doing can go "haywire!" If we are multi-tasking too much in our brains, the body might want to go in two or three different directions at the same time, but we know that this can be quite a tug-of-war. I see people "stressed out," suffering, in pain, depressed, etc. The list goes on and on from not being able to just focus on one thing at a time.

I, myself, was this way until I started learning to consciously think and move through learning the concepts taught in BodySpeak.™ The work was very challenging, because even though I was "physically fit" and an athlete at the time, the concepts I was learning was making me feel like a wobbly colt. I couldn't be perfectly still. I couldn't be perfectly silent. I couldn't quiet my brain. My body wasn't doing what I was telling it to do in the exercise.

There were little gremlins of doubt in this new and vast territory of learning BodySpeak.™ I wasn't aware and as focused as I should have been. I needed to create some order in the disorder.

I thought I was strong, flexible, and invincible! HA! Wow! When I had to stop and consider every little thing that I was thinking and doing, that was tough. It took alot of patience, self discipline, study, focus and hard work to break out of the old patterns and be freed into a more peaceful, serene, way of living and being.

Learning to move consciously is a great challenge. Greater than any athletic endeavor I have ever undertaken. It is not for the weak at heart. It is for the bold, courageous, those who dare to want to strive towards excellence. It is for those who would love to face an even greater challenge of learning about "the one" who dwells within. The activator of life. The challenger in life.

Learning new concepts of conscious movement is for those who love to conceive and create new notions. Who dare to imagine beyond the here and now.......who look to see developing a new path, a new roadmap as exciting! It is for those who want to dive into self exploration and make new discoveries! 

Conscious mind/body integration sessions help to order the chaos. Take you from mediocre to the peak of excellence! Quit sleepwalking! Get out of the mundane daily routine of life and discover a more fulfilling way of living life. It will touch all those around you in a good way. Call me today for your free consultation about making the mind/body integration connection!

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