Reviews of the Work

Reviews of Structural Integration

(Rolfing by Alessandra, RN)

      Because we are all unique human beings, everyone experiences structural integration

differently.  As you will see from the below reviews, individuals have anywhere from a 

physical relief to a life changing, spiritual experience. No two experiences are the same. 

Some people grow, expand, and create in new directions. Others just take the physical relief 

and move on. Whatever it is that they take away from the Rolfing experience, I have seen a 

“metamorphosis,” if you will, of the individual. 

     That’s why I love this work so much! I love to watch people physically transform, re-emerge 

with renewed energies and life! Possibly find a new self awareness about life and beyond!!

Please enjoy the read below:

Dearest Alessandra, 

I could not have had a better experience with Rolfing, and it was because of you. Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing, caring, loving, wise and healing space for such major transformation to happen. I know that what has left my physical body has had major impact on my emotional, mental, and material reality. More light has come in. And the process goes on. I know it is not done yet. I am grateful to you 100 times and then some more. With my love and immense gratitude! Rolfing is a tool to assist us in moving forward in life, would not let just anyone assist in that process, but, some like Alessandra, yes! Her experience, professionalism but above all her intuition and joy! Makes the process even more powerful! 

Candice Popiel, Arvada, CO


Alessandra is an effective and an impeccable Rolfer with many years of experience. Her touch is both magical and contains all good healing power. I recommen her work very highly to all who aspire to ALIGN their physical and spiritual bodies. Alessandra is an effective and impeccable ROLFER with many years o experience. Her touch is both magical and contains a good healing power. I recommend her work very highly to all who aspire to ALIGN their physical and spiritual bodies. A genuine experience that elates the spirit and gives you a sens of well - being from which you can function calmly in our "busy”life.

Samuel Avital, Lafayette, CO

The following comments are based upon my personal experiences with Alessandra Lior. The sessions have been over time and have been completed at more than one office or Clinic. Alessandra’s knowledge of the human body is amazing. She understands the interplay between skeleton, musculature, connective tissue, internal organs and trauma. Her touch is gentle, knowing and guided by a deep reverence for the total person. Her caring is obvious and the results for my body have been wonderful: I am more flexible, less burdened by stiffness and I move through space centered and grounded. I heartily recommend her as a Body Worker, Rolfer and Healer.

David N. Daniel, Houston Texas

Thoughts on my Rolfing experience: It is difficult to put my experience into words because not only did I have a physical transformation, I also had a spiritual enlightening. Deep muscle tissue was stretched and opened to release toxins which also resulted in pain relief. The most memorable aspect of the process, for me, was the spiritual vision I had. Subtle changes burst into a culmination of an acute awareness of my heritage, past experiences, beliefs and spiritual awakening. I would recommend anyone to engage in the Rolfing process for a mind, body and soul experience. I know I am overdue for a session!

Kim Henrikson, Springfield, IL

 At 85 years old, I recently underwent open heart surgery.  While I was recuperating, I felt extremely short of breath and was gasping for air.  After Alessandra's rolfing session, I was impressed that my shortness of breath became less labored and finally ceased. I have now been able to return back to my normal activities which includes walking on the treadmill every day for 30 minutes! Years ago, I had the ten sessions from Alessandra, and was amazed at pain disappearance and renewed energy. This session especially after a medical procedure helped me to get going once again!

Ruth Cline, Kirksville, MO

 I have far less soreness in my arthritic knees, my back pain is minimal, and my posture is much better and it's more effortless to keep my back straight and shoulders back since completing my 10 rolfing sessions.

Julie Bruce, Broomfield, CO


I have alot more energy and endurance. Feels like I can breathe better, move better, sleep better!!

Ellen Briggs, Boston, MA


I just feel like all the tension has just melted away. The body is very relaxed and upright in a new space!

Donna, Jensen, Boulder, CO


The body moves alot more feely. I feel like I have space where I have never had it before…..

Mary Wilson, Denver, CO


Look I'm standing up taller. My pants are really loose. Wow!!

Fiona Cattermole, Erie, CO

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