As an Athete

I have been physically active all of my life. 

Swimming being my starting point to an endless variety of sports participation over the years.

I was a competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and swimming instructor back in the day. I then moved to track and field in jr. high and high school, and picked up the running bug.  In my 20's, one of my swimming buddies turned me on to triathlons which were becoming popular. Short distance triathlons were my specialty. I competed for ten years in this glorious sport.

Needless to say, all these athletic endeavors were wear and tear on the body, and I was in need of some kind of bodywork.

Back in the early 90's in the Midwest (Illinois), there was not access to many holistic health care practices.  Chiropractic care was the only such practice accessible at the time.

I regularly went to see a chiropractor. Sometimes two or three times a week. I would get adjusted and feel good for maybe a day or two, but then the "sore spot" or the "tight place" would always re-appear. It was frustrating because I was body conscious and knew that I was not performing to the best of my ability, sports wise.

One day a friend came to me and told me about Rolf-in. I half listened. Then, my friend started the 10 sessions series and my interest grew. I wanted to find out what this was all about.  I was able to observe a session of my friend and liked what I saw. 

I decided I wanted to try it, so, I began the ten session series. 

What an incredible journey! 

Over a spread out period of time, I completed the Ten Session Series. Each session held some kind of surprise or discovery. In Session One, I felt as if a ton of weights had just come off of me! I felt very light and relaxed. Session Two, made me aware of the ground under my feet. I felt solidly planted and grounded into the earth. Session Three surprised me with the experience of feeling like I was in a "new space and place." I took a break from the sessions for awhile, and just let my body be in this tranquil new space. (peace and calm)

After the break, I went back for Sessions Four, Five and Six. These are called " the middle hours" because of great shifts which will be occurring. These three sessions must be done together because of the work that is being done to and around the pelvis, the main powerhouse for balance and harmony in the body. Each session addresses some aspect to and around the pelvis! I cannot say this phase was fun, but, a very interesting experience.

It is like your body knows something is changing, but, you just feel a little out of sorts! 

HURRY UP Session Seven! 

Session Seven another nice resting place. Time to take another break! Like session three, your body has been shifted and changed, settling into a "new space of being."

Session Seven for me was an awakening! A sense of new discoveries and beginnings coming...

The last three sessions can be spread out for an extended period of time. I did mine a month apart. That gave my body time to adjust and shift into the new alignment and space.

Sessions Eight and Nine work on balancing the whole being by one session working on the upper part of the body, and the other, working on the lower part of the body. The BALANCING ACT!

Session Ten is the "grooming session," performing the final touches for optimal structural alignment with gravity.

The Ten Sessions is definitely a process of change occurring in the body. All my little "aches and pains" disappeared! No more carpal tunnel, TMJ, neck problems, constipation, stitch in side when running, release of my ankles from previous injuries, release of scar tissue from various sports injuries, gone! Wow! I couldn't believe it. As I sit and type this, none of those things has ever returned.

I really credit The Work with being one of the first activators for change in how I approached life physically, mentally and spiritually. It was a great wake up call!

As for my athletic endeavors, as you can guess, my performance and endurance improved tremendously. Because of freedom of circulation for all organs and systems in the body, strength and energy abounded. And, has continued to this day............This is great stuff, and I don't know too many people who have tried it, and have not only found good things to say about the work, but also have had GREAT RESULTS.........


Alessandra Lior, RN                  303-502-6152