As a Nurse - Bridging the Gap

Wow! How times have changed! 

CHANGE is happening in all aspects of life, every moment. It is our constant companion.....

It doesn't seem so long ago that I was that young nurse scurrying around some hospital ward. (29 years ago)

You know, nursing has been very interesting for me because nurses have to be those people who live moment to moment with all walks of life, be right in the middle of people's experiences with them, but, yet emerge unscathed after comforting, consoling, conjoling, or just "being there" for them. 

I would say that nursing is more challenging today, than when I first started. Why?

Because not only have the physical lifestyles of the general population changed, but, also the mindset, spiritual beliefs, and how they are practiced.  Let's review a few of the changing lifestyle trends that can affect one's state of health. 

ACTIVITY (Physical)

Activity levels of the general population is now more sedentary than our predecessors. Since the development of the Industrial Revolution, machines have continued to do more and more human tasks. We exercise our index finger very well with the "touch" and "push button" technology, but, what about the rest of the body? 

We have become lazy, not engaged in life. Is life really about just carrying around a little box and using the finger only? We were created to be on this planet to be creative and productive.

If the body does not move, breathe and circulate as it was intended, then the DIS-eases start. The body needs the basics - food, water, oxygen, activity, rest, stress free, good relationships. If one of these components is out of "sync," the physical body will be affected. Get circulating!

Posture in standing, sitting, walking also affects how the human organism works. We are made to move, not sit for hours on end. Become active. Engage in life!

Time, gravity & life experiences create wear and tear on the body. Rolfing® can assist with releasing the fascia in order to re-establish new circulation, movement and breathing through the whole organism.


MINDSET (Mental)

It is so important about what one thinks, and action taken.

One can be:  productive or destructive

                     positive or negative

                     good or evil

                     calm or chaotic

                     objective or subjective

I'm sure you can think of more opposites, but you get the idea, right? When we choose to disengage, be lazy, destructive, live from the dark side of our nature. This way of being actually harms the body. DIS-ease processes have a portal of entry. 

As a nurse, I have seen the power of thought. People healing, living, or dying due to their way of thinking. I've seen the power of good, positive thoughts during the healing process, and I've seen when one is bitter, angry, blaming, or projecting, what can happen.  So, the thoughts are a component which affects the "wholeness" of a being. It is a constant vigilance to be aware of what you are thinking and doing. One needs to become conscious of all actions and all thoughts. It really does affect one's state of health.

"High tech" has geared our brains to "instant results." Having it "now." Machines increasingly are doing more of the thinking for us. All we have to do is touch or push a button, right?

If you were to push those buttons and not get a response, would you know what to do, how to solve problems, be able to troubleshoot a situation? I fear for the younger generations that learn from the time when they are so little that the world is wrapped up in the "little boxes" and think that this is how you engage in life; pushing or touching the button on some gadget to get the answer. Sad. 

So, we need to re-engage in building a new thought to action network in order to once again become creative thinkers and productive doers, striving towards enjoying a peaceful life........

That's why learning through conscious body movement education, one can sharpen the perceptions, focus the awareness, and, channel the creative energies!

Alessandra Lior, RN                  303-502-6152